Princess Rescue Cut Rope

Cut the rope to rescue the princess! An unconventional yet fun cut the rope game to play. There are many traps in the room. You need to be careful which rope you cut.

Chomp Chase

Eat as many bits as you can in this retro pixel arcade pac game. Use arrow keys to move around the maze. Don’t let the bugs bite! Collect super bits to become invincible. Now, it’s your turn to chomp on the bugs!

Puzzle Ball

Slide the correct blocks into position. Create a clear pathway for the ball to reach its goal. Features: – Interactive tutorial – Relaxed theme for a relaxed gameplay – Over 48 challenging and zen levels – Feeling trapped? Use the hints sytem

Chroma Challenge

Tap to get the ball past the color switching gates. The gates will only allow the ball with the matching color to pass. Don’t touch the obstacles! You’ll explode. The obstacles are tricky, so time your jumps. Features: – Extremely addictive and challenging gameplay – Easy to learn, hard to master. If you can collect… Continue reading Chroma Challenge

Dont Mess Up

This game is ridiculously simple, that it’s so difficult.All you need to do, is follow the instructions. If it asks you to tap, you tap. If it asks you to swipe, then swipe!Don’t mess it up!Disclaimer: This game will insult your intelligence, and train your reflexes at the same time!.Features:- Fun quiz show theme suitable… Continue reading Dont Mess Up

Nom Nom Yum

A sushi monster called Nom Nom descended onto Earth. It’s really hungry for some good sushi. It’s your job to feed Nom Nom at the Japanese restaurant. Swipe to cut the rope. Watch as the rope swings its way into the Nom Nom’s mouth. Make it say YUM! Collect 3 stars in each level to… Continue reading Nom Nom Yum

Mango Piggy Piggy Hero

Mango Piggy Piggy is back with a brand new series. In his hero edition, control different superhero piggies, as you attempt to defend your town against the invasion of enemy robots. Launch your hero piggy against the enemy, in Angry Birds fashion. Features: – Excellent superhero theme and music. – Over 30 different levels per… Continue reading Mango Piggy Piggy Hero

Vampires and Garlic

Halloween and vampires are upon us! What do vampires dislike? Garlic! Throw garlic bombs (yes, made out of garlic) at pesky vampires. Control the angle and strength of your throws. Remember to watch your garlic count! Features: – A variety of obstacles including challenging terrain, and objects such as boxes, pulleys and TNTs. – Simple… Continue reading Vampires and Garlic

Rugby Extreme

Flick the ball into the goal post. How many goals can you score? Features: – Flying capemen will try to block your shots – Fans of flick kick rugby, american football and rugby world cup will love this game.

Kuu Kuu Harajuku Stickers

Tick tock, time to rock! Kuu Kuu Harajuku is an animation brand created by Grammy winner Gwen Stefani. They’re back with a game for tween and teen girls! Create your own sticker book with characters from the hit TV series. Drag and drop stickers that represent G, Love, Angel, Music and Baby into beautiful backgrounds… Continue reading Kuu Kuu Harajuku Stickers