Coloring Farm Pets

Play coloring game, choose colors and design your colorful picture with funny farm animals.

Baby Cow Launcher

The greedy farmers are milking cows for profit. As General Cow, your task is to disrupt these greedy farmers. Launch baby cows at greedy farmers to defeat them. Use a variety of power ups to win! Features: – Baby cows with unique abilities – Over 20 challenging levels – Very cool physics terrain – Challenging… Continue reading Baby Cow Launcher

Kids Farm Fun

Let your kids enter the farm with all of its cute inhabitants! What awaits them is an exciting experience of puzzle solving. The puzzles present the farm animals in various lively situations that will bring a smile to your child´s face. These puzzles will not only entertain but also educate. So let them solve those… Continue reading Kids Farm Fun

Farmers vs Aliens

Aliens have attacked your farm! Grab a cannon and go – protect the cow! You will need a strategy for this game! Shoot from cannons and destroy aliens. Survive the attack and protect the cow. But the aliens are very cunning and they themselves build cunning strategies to steal the cow. You will have to… Continue reading Farmers vs Aliens