Heavy Crane Simulator

Use WASD + Space – drive. Left Shift – Accelerate. Mouse – rotate camera. Mouse wheel – zoom. Tab – machine select menu. G – activate cursor. I – show instruction. Y – On/Off Crane. K – On/Off Hook / Connect Trailer (truck). LMB + A/D – Rotation Crane Arrow. LMB + Q/E – Forward/Backward… Continue reading Heavy Crane Simulator

Gold Truck Crane

Want to get rich, get ready for the hard work. In the game Gold Truck Crane we will make it easier for you physically, but we will complicate it in a different sense. To pass the level, you need to collect a certain amount of points for a limited period of time. Try to get… Continue reading Gold Truck Crane

The Cargo

Control the crane to load the truck with cargo and then deliver the cargo to the destination warehouse. Complete the job quickly to unlock achievements and earn money for truck upgrades.

Farming Missions 2023

The simulator adventure this time begins in a huge village with various farming and heavy construction equipment with the Farming Missions 2023 game. The game consists of various game modes such as free drive, racing, and missions. You can play almost every mode of the game in both single player mode or in two player… Continue reading Farming Missions 2023