Temple Dash

Help your explorer escape from the temple in this skill based running game.

Geo Dash 2

Geo Dash returns with new characters and 50 new levels!

Oriental Dash

Enjoy a brand new diamond dash in the atmosphere of Oriental nights with Oriental Dash. Have a lot of fun with this puzzle game, its exhilarating rhythm and its beautiful graphics. Do your best to reach the highest score in two game modes that will constitute a diversified challenge.


BigHero.io is a special multiplayer game with much more fun and simple gameplay. Each character has its own weapon, whether it is a superhero or an epic god. Be careful of the attack of others, or you will become a soul stone. Collect more soul stones, your weapons will become longer and longer. Have fun… Loe edasi BigHero.io

Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey

Mirror Dash is a 2D arcade mobile game which is a highly addictive and mesmerizing mirrored odyssey. It consists of two mirrored environments where the player has to either jump over obstacles or teleport to the opposed environment. The core mechanic is based on an easy to learn but hard to master two button system.… Loe edasi Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey

Tap Tap Dash

Do you like arcade games? Tab Tab Dash is waiting for you!

Cowboy Dash

Do you like shooting games? Cowboy Dash is waiting for you.

Geometry Dash Horror

Get yourself ready to be scared. Play the new amazing Geometry Dash Horror. Jump fast enough over the spikes and avoid all the obstacles in order to finish the levels and beat the game.