Jewelry Idle

What is the best jewelry? Of course, those made with your own hands! Create the best jewelry store! Design stunning pieces, attract discerning customers, and watch your business thrive in this sparkling venture!

Woodman Idle Tycoon

Woodman Idle Tycoon is a clicker game where you can purchase and upgrade workers who generate income. Place coins on your workers to boost their productivity and witness your profits soar. Enhance your workers’ abilities, merge coins for greater value, and unlock new opportunities.

Fishing For Gold

Somewhere deep down, a treasure is hidden, but a fishing rod is not enough to reach this treasure. If you want to reach the treasure, you can catch fish and earn money from them. This way, you can improve your fishing rod and reach that treasure. Good luck!

Gold Strike

Throw the pickaxe and go for the gold strike. But beware, if the wall gets too close, you will get stuck in the gold mine! How much gold can you strike?

Jack And The Beansteak Gold Rush

How far can Jack climb? Collect as much gold coins as possible while you dodge the obstacles on the stalk in this fun puzzle game now!

Guardians of Gold

Guardians of Gold is an amazing arcade game that is based on a miner theme. As the name suggests, there is a guard moving around the miners who are trying to steal the gold from right under his nose. You need to pass on the gold to your fellow miners and bury it in the… Continue reading Guardians of Gold

Free the emoji GOLD

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you bored? Are you trying to find a funny and addictive game? Do you like the adventures and the awesome games that challenge your fingers and your brain? You are in the correct place : ). Control our hero: Red, is a ball and is an Emoji! and complete all… Continue reading Free the emoji GOLD

Nugget Seeker

Nugget Seeker Adventure is a HTML5 Arcade Game. Guide your digger through the mine underground collecting gold nuggets and avoiding the mean bullies!

Pixel Gold Clicker

Get gold, buy all upgrades and eliminate the butterflies to get rich in this great game clicker