Popcorn Fun Factory

Popcorn Fun Factory is a fun idle game where you get to run your very own popcorn factory! Start off small and work your way up by unlocking new production lines and creating different flavors of delicious popcorn. With simple and intuitive gameplay, you can sit back and relax while your factory does all the… Continue reading Popcorn Fun Factory

Horde Hunters

Horde Hunters is an idle and clicker game where you will earn money by killing zombies. Upgrade to a new level by merging soldiers, speeding up your shots, and increasing the amount of money you get. Shoot a horde of zombies from the top of a moving vehicle and get rich!

Coin Empire

Embark on a journey of idle empire building in Coin Empire, where you’ll construct your empire with gold, utilizing a slot machine mechanic to earn resources, engage in strategic actions like attacking settlements or looting for crystals, unlock powerful heroes such as Iron Musk or Thor, and progress through ages as you expand your dominion.… Continue reading Coin Empire

Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc is a fun casual game on yad.com. Do you dream of being a relaxed and free farmer and managing your farm? In this game, you can realize your dreams. At the beginning of the game, you only have one duck egg. The duck egg hatches a duckling, and the duckling then produces… Continue reading Wired Chicken Inc

Planet Demolish

Planet Demolish is a fun simulation game. The universe is a mysterious existence. In the distant outer space, there are many asteroids. They reflect the light of the sun and are the stars we see in the night. Humans have discovered and named Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, etc.

Idle Merge Car And Race

An addictive idle car merging game. Build your own car racing company and grow your business. Move your cars to the racing track and earn money every time they cross the finish line. Buy new cars (or collect them from the gift boxes), and merge the same level cars to upgrade into a new type.… Continue reading Idle Merge Car And Race

Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker is a casual game. It is unimaginable that a beggar living on the street can make money so quickly. A few thousand dollars in just one minute. Just tap the screen to generate a steady stream of money. Enjoy!

Idle Trade Isle

Idle Trade Isle is a casual simulation game. Let’s go on an island adventure on the sea! You are a captain, driving a boat to the mysterious island group. Each island has different natural resources that need to be collected. After collecting them, go back to your own island to build and upgrade them. Enjoy!

Jewelry Idle

What is the best jewelry? Of course, those made with your own hands! Create the best jewelry store! Design stunning pieces, attract discerning customers, and watch your business thrive in this sparkling venture!

Merge Shooter

In “Merge Shooter,” defend the galaxy by merging turrets to fight off alien invaders. Enhance your defense with special powers, navigating through levels filled with challenges. With its colorful graphics and user-friendly interface, it’s an exciting adventure for all ages. Become the galaxy’s hero by proving your achievements in this dynamic gameplay experience.