Shape Attack

Shift to adjust to the incoming shapes and collect points. Get enough diamonds to unlock new themes.

Shape 3D

Shape 3D features: – endless gameplay; – 2 game modes; – score system


Reveal the colorful shapes in this relaxing puzzle game.

Cube Shape Fit

Your goal is to make the player fit inside the obstacle. However, if the player collides with an obstacle which has different shape than the shape of the player, then the game is over.

Tile Chaos

Your goal is to form a shape which can fit inside the moving wall. If you can’ t form the ideal shape in time then the game is over. Its gonna be more difficult!. Use Left Mouse Button to Destroy the cubes.


Quickly swap the shape into the correct one to pass! This game will test your attention and speed. Use SpaceBar or Left Mouse Button to Change the shape.

Cube ShapeUp!

Put the jumbled up pieces together as quickly as possible to complete levels. Swap the blocks to reveal the jumbled up puzzle.

Funny Shapes

Funny Shapes is fun online game for the little ones. Love these different activities to help little ones learn shapes! Funny Shapes is a matching game. This game is very suitable for children who are learning shapes. If you have little kids, properly you can teach them to recognize shapes by this game. It is… Continue reading Funny Shapes

Shape Fit

Tap your shape until it matches the shape in front of you to move on to the next level. Concentration along with fast reaction speeds will make you master the fight.

Colorful Shape Tunnel

Do you like arcade games? Great, There is an endless path and shape-shifting obstacles in front of you, you have to overcome these obstacles with the shape-shifting player.