Ultimate Sudoku

A puzzle game from Japan that has conquered the whole world. Fill in the empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9. In each row, column, or 3×3 block, each number can occur only once. 3 different game modes: Cell first: First click on the cell you want to fill in, and then select a… Continue reading Ultimate Sudoku

Sudoku 4 in 1

Sudoku is a popular logic-based puzzle game that can be played online. The game Sudoku 4 in 1 consists of a 9×9 grid, divided into nine 3×3 sub-grids. The objective of the game is to fill each of the 81 cells in the grid with a number from 1 to 9, with each number appearing… Continue reading Sudoku 4 in 1

Sudoku Hawaii

Travel to the enchanted tropical isles for a few rounds of challenging puzzles.

Sudoku Express

Better move quick, because this exciting challenge is coming at you fast.

Libelle Sudoku

Play Libelle Sudoku anywhere and everywhere. Complete a sudoku puzzle by adding numbers in the correct order!

Quick Sudoku

Solve the sudoku as quickly as possible in this Quick Sudoku game. Choose any difficulty and try to solve the puzzle before you run out of time!

Smart Sudoku

Do you think you are you smart enough to beat this Smart Sudoku game? Solve the challenging sudoku puzzles and show you are the smartest Sudoku player in the world!

Sudoku Daily

Get your dose of Daily Sudoku and solve the daily challenging sudoku puzzle! Add the correct numbers and play Sudoku everyday!


Wordoku is a HTML5 Logic Game. Enjoy this original variant of the classic Sudoku with letters and words. 3 different difficulty level: Easy Medium Hard

Sudoku Challenge

Best HTML5 sudoku game online. Mutiple game modes and grid sizes for beginner to expert. Complete Sudoku tutorial and Sudoku user guide.